Zen for Ten 15: Mental Health Break

Like so many of us, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completely absorbed in politics. Every day, when I check my Facebook feed, I get caught up in the headlines and the passionate responses to them. It’s easy to spend hours staring at the computer, seesawing between worry, fear, hope, and anger.

Again like so many of us, I’m new to activism. For a long time, I didn’t like to share my political opinions on Facebook or anywhere else. I’m still not sure what my role is in this chaotically changing world, but am hoping that in the long run, crucial and long-needed changes to our political system will happen.

One thing I do know, though, is that music is healthy. It’s also something I can do. So this week’s post goes back to the idea I started with for this blog: sharing beauty.

For a few minutes, I’d invite you to take a mental break and listen to today’s featured pieces, three short preludes by Frederic Chopin (1810-1849). Chopin was one of the great composers of the Romantic era (ca. 1825-1900). By his time, the piano as we know it today had pretty much evolved into its final form. It offered composers a huge tonal palette, with the biggest variety of high and low notes on any single instrument, plus the capacity to play very softly, very loudly, and everything in between. It was an instrument of terrific power and potential, and Romantic-era composers loved to explore the creative possibilities it provided.

Chopin is often known for his big, flashy piano pieces, that showcase the soloist and show off his or her technical chops. The three preludes in this video, though, are written in a different style, emphasizing intimacy and lyricism. If, like me, you need to take a deep breath and immerse yourself for a little while in something peaceful and soul-refreshing, these preludes are perfect listening.

Today’s feature: Preludes in G Major, B Major, and F Major, by Frederic Chopin

I hope this dose of music will help, as you face these times and answer them by doing the work you do best. Sending positive energy and light your way.

As always, thank you for visiting the blog. See you next time.



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