One Bright Thing, revisited

So it’s definitely time I got back to this project. It seems like a good time to put some good energy out, and maybe offer a little distraction from all the stress of the day-to-day. 🙂

My OBT posts will most likely focus on music for a while. While pretty much quarantined, one of my goals is to play more, and push myself to record something I’m working on as often as possible (ideally every day). Recording makes me quite nervous, but I love sharing the music, so this is a good challenge for me!

Today’s music is a three-fer: a group of short pieces by German Baroque composer J. S. Bach. These are part of his collection of Two-Part Inventions. As you listen, you might notice that my right and left hands are in “conversation” with each other. One hand begins with a musical idea, which the other hand responds to, and they go back and forth through the piece.

I’m going to add a creative exercise to each of my music posts, for those who might like to brainstorm and play with creative ideas. As follows for today:

If you’d like, consider each of these three Bach pieces as an actual conversation between two people. What do you think they’re talking about? Where does the conversation begin, and where does it end? Does any kind of conflict get resolved? Is this conversation just a small part of a larger whole?

Let your imagination run with these. If you’d like, please post your ideas in the comments to share with me and other visitors. 🙂

Hope you enjoy. Visit back soon for more musical diversions!


43 thoughts on “One Bright Thing, revisited

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