Monday Beethoven

Welcome! 🙂 I hope the daily music posts here on the blog are giving you a boost, in these strange and unsettling times. If you’re new to the series and would like to check out earlier posts, you’ll find the first one here.

Today’s piece continues an exploration of a collection I started looking at a couple of days ago: Ludwig van Beethoven’s Bagatelles. As I mentioned in this post, we know Beethoven as an innovator who changed the course of music history, especially expanding musical forms and diving into drama and passionate expression that other composers of his generation hadn’t considered.

The Bagatelles, though, are miniatures. In them, we hear a lot of the elegance and charm of more “typical” Classical Era writing…although there are still some surprising Beethoven-esque twists. We’ll see that especially in a couple of other Bagatelles I’ll be posting soon.

Today’s piece is gentle and conversational. You’ll hear how the right hand starts with the tune, and how later in the piece, the left hand takes it over as if the hands are having a dialogue. As you listen, if you’d like, think about what this musical “conversation” might be about. As always, you’re welcome to share your thoughts and responses to the music in the comments.

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