Thought Experiment

Thoughts I’m playing around with; hoping to go somewhere with them…

What makes you, you?

A thought experiment: Imagine that we each have something beautiful and unique in us that doesn’t fade or disappear with time. Take this idea and apply it to yourself. Sit with the idea that you have something beautiful that is part of you, that sits at the core of who you are and can’t be taken away.

Imagine this beautiful thing as an actual object. Think of it as small enough to hold in one hand. Maybe it’s a candle: a source of light. Maybe it’s more like a seed: potential waiting to be tapped. Maybe it’s like a crystal: bright and gleaming.

When you’ve decided what object feels true for you, picture it in detail. If it’s a candle, what does the flame look like? If it’s a seed, what can you imagine it flowering into? If it’s a crystal, think about color and shape and facets, and what it might do with light. If it’s something else entirely, draw it fully in your mind.

Now imagine that every person you meet, or see, or hear about, has an object like yours. A small, unique, and beautiful thing that can’t be taken away. And imagine that you can see their objects, and they can see yours.

What would happen if we could recognize all these things in one another? Given that view of each other, how strong might we be, and what kind of world could we create?


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