New in 2022!

Relaunching the blog after a very long time. Hope everyone is hanging in and staying safe and well!

My second novel, Fourteen Stones, is forthcoming this fall from The Patchwork Raven, a brilliant indie press in New Zealand. I’m thrilled that this book will be out in the world; it was a project of love that got started in the summer of 2015, when my husband and I went to Spain, and our adventures inspired me to write fantasy for the first time. Here on the blog, I’ll share a little about the story and my process writing it, my inspirations for it, and the characters and the world they live in. It’s still pretty surreal to me that this beloved project is going to be a real thing, alive in the world. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Also on the blog, I’ll share other writerly/readerly stuff, and some musical stuff, and – crucially – cat pictures. Some of you know I’m mom (staff?) to three cats, who pretty much run the house, and of whom I take far too many pictures:

This is Fergus. He sits…even if he doesn’t exactly fits.
Philosopher pose.

I’ll close today’s “preview of coming attractions” with a short musical selection for your Tuesday afternoon. This is a recording I made of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Bagatelle in G Major, Op. 126. Beethoven is one of my favorite composers, for many reasons I’m likely to write about in future posts, and this miniature piece (about two minutes long) is a delight to play.

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4 thoughts on “New in 2022!

  1. janice zucker

    Hi Kris!  The piece you played was lovely!  Just what I needed to relax to this afternoon! Hope all is well with you and Paul! Take care,Janice

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  2. I’m SO glad you’ve kept old email addresses! I attended several Elderhostel events at Peabody in the earlier years of 2000, and you were the most impressive teacher and musician I can still recall. I’ve just ordered your earlier books from Kindle for my large computer screen and look forward to reading you again. Reduced vision makes that my only choice now. My cat and I share a small apartment for ages 55+, and I will introduce her to your boys – she likes sitting on my lap and watching the screen. May you and your household be safe and well, and “thanks for the memories”

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