Maker’s Day 2

Last week I introduced something new on the blog: Maker’s Day Wednesdays. Each Wednesday I’ll share a small prompt as food for reflection. Maybe you’ll also find it inspires you to make some art.

This week’s prompt is a single word:


A couple of supporting visuals (courtesy of Pinterest):

Ancient Roman depiction of water birds

Floral pattern

What might this word and idea conjure up for you? Mosaic as an art form and/or a way to capture history; a group of broken pieces coming together to make something new and striking… I invite you to reflect and maybe, if you’re feeling inspired, create something in response.

You can find all the Maker’s Day prompts together here. If you’d like to receive the prompts weekly, please consider subscribing to the blog. Thanks for visiting!


One thought on “Maker’s Day 2

  1. Sandra McWhirter

    Kris, when I saw your post/email, I immediately thought of the following. I’m submitting random thoughts.


    I remember

    Walking through the Bardo’s large, Mediterranean blue door
    To enter a world of wonder,
    The world’s largest collection of Roman mosaics,
    And wander awestruck through galleries of
    Birds, animals, gods and goddesses, fish, the sea, and more
    In floor and wall mosaics
    So painstakingly created
    With small pieces of stone, ceramics, glass.

    Entering the gates of the North Africa American Military Cemetery
    To view World War II military operations in North Africa
    Depicted in vibrant stone and glass.
    While on a wall in a nearby room,
    A gift from Tunisia’s President Bourguiba,
    Neptune stares down from a chariot
    Drawn by large seahorses
    Removed from the sands of ancient Carthage.

    Kicking through sea grasses and sand
    On a hill overlooking a sparkling sea
    Shock at finding the small stones
    And the pictures they created
    So close to the surface,
    Right under the surface of the sands
    Right under my sandal.
    Money. No money to rescue
    These ancient works of art.

    Mosaics of memory

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