Maker’s Day 7

Each Wednesday on the blog, I’ll share a small prompt as food for reflection. Maybe you’ll also find it inspires you to make some art.

Today’s prompt is explained in the video. 🙂 Short version: you’re invited to experiment with using magic, or something surreal that breaks the usual “rules” of the world, in the context of a real-world setting. Breaking rules can be a wonderful way to inspire creativity and story.

Today’s Maker’s Day prompt in more detail

As mentioned in the video, I’ll also be teaching a generative workshop this coming Saturday, 7/16, which more extensively explores writing with magic and the surreal. My friend and colleague Tina Marie Johnson and I will talk about using magic in both poetry and prose. If you’d like to learn more, visit this link.

Meanwhile, if you’d like, please feel free to share thoughts and responses to the prompt in the comments. On Facebook, I’ve also started a “Maker’s Day Sharing Group” where we can talk about the prompts and support each other’s creativity. New members are always welcome!

You can find all the Maker’s Day prompts together here. If you’d like to receive the prompts weekly, please consider subscribing to the blog. Thanks for visiting!


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