Maker’s Day 12

Each Wednesday on the blog, I’ll share a small prompt as food for reflection. Maybe you’ll also find it inspires you to make some art.

Today’s prompt is a musical one: my (slightly rough, with apologies 😉 ) recording of “Asturias,” by Isaac Albeniz.

“Asturias” is a movement from the Spanish Suite by Albeniz, who wanted to capture different areas of his homeland in music. Asturias is a region in northwest Spain. When my husband and I visited there seven years ago, the setting inspired my book Fourteen Stones.

What does this music evoke for you? If you’d like, please feel free to share thoughts and responses to the prompt in the comments. On Facebook, I’ve also started a “Maker’s Day Sharing Group” where we can talk about the prompts and support each other’s creativity. New members are always welcome!

You can find all the Maker’s Day prompts together here. If you’d like to receive the prompts weekly, please consider subscribing to the blog. Thanks for visiting!


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