Fourteen Stones

It’s Here!

Thanks so much to everyone who supported our crowdfunder! Fourteen Stones is now in print and available for purchase! Try a sample right here:

NOTE, February 2, 2023:

My publisher’s website is having domain trouble, so orders through The Patchwork Raven are temporarily suspended. But you can still get your book!

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About the novel:

Fourteen Stones is a richly layered, character-driven fantasy. The tribal people called the Pala Vaia, “First and Lost Ones,” have lived in Lassar since ancient times and coexisted with the Lasska people, but they have always been wanderers, seemingly out of place wherever they are. Now Lassar’s fanatical new ruler, Impera Shurik, wants to destroy the tribes.

Sixteen-year-old Khari is a Vaia Lamp-Carrier. Her dreams provide guidance for the tribe, if she can interpret the messages they send. Now she must use all her skill, and trust instincts she has only begun to have, in order to save her people from extermination.

Khari’s dreams lead her and a small group of Vaia out of their native country and into neighboring Namora, which is undergoing political turmoil of its own after the death of its long-standing ruler. In this tiny and unfamiliar land, Khari must find allies, in particular a Namoran priest with an extraordinary mental gift of his own. The Vaia’s search for a safe homeland will change the lives of all the people it touches, as well as the futures of two nations.

Why This Book?

There are a lot of books out there. You may be wondering, why read this one? Here are my top five reasons:

5. My publisher, The Patchwork Raven, is fully independent, producing and distributing its books itself. Indie presses are a necessary force in an increasingly consolidated (especially here in the US) publishing world.

4. Fantasy lets us take a fresh look at our own world. My book is escapist, but at the same time, it stays grounded in our world and the real issues we face. In the writing, it was super-important to me to hold onto that.

3. Fourteen Stones is fantasy for people who love fantasy, and for people who usually don’t. This might make it a perfect read for you, and also a good gift for any reader on your list.

2. The story makes space for beauty, healing, and hope. These days, I think we can all use some of that.

1. Creating it was one of the most joyful things I’ve ever done. It was a constant delight to step into that world and spend time with its people. I’d like to share that delight with you.

Below, you can listen to another excerpt:

Excerpt from Chapter 2: presenting my favorite character

The river Deva, near the village of Sotres, in Asturias, Spain: one of the real-world places that inspired the world of Fourteen Stones.