Fourteen Stones

My second novel is forthcoming in October 2022 from The Patchwork Raven!

Fourteen Stones is a literary fantasy about a tribal people, the Pala Vaia, who are subject to persecution by the military regime that rules Lassar, the country where the Vaia have lived since ancient times. The tribe’s name means “First and Lost Ones,” because they have always been wanderers, seemingly out of place among the people whose land they share.

Sixteen-year-old Khari is a Vaia Lamp-Carrier. This elite status carries magic: Khari’s dreams provide guidance for the tribe, if she can interpret them and follow the messages they send. She must use all her skill, and trust instincts she has only begun to have, in order to save her people from the threat of extermination by Lassar’s fanatical new ruler, Impera Shurik.

Khari’s dreams lead her and a small group of Vaia out of their native country, Lassar, and into neighboring Namora. Here they must find allies, among them a Namoran priest with an extraordinary mental gift of his own, who will help find a way forward for the Vaia people.

The river Deva, near the village of Sotres, in Asturias, Spain: one of the real-world places that inspired the world of Fourteen Stones.


Writing Fourteen Stones was a new adventure for me. Before this novel, I’d never written fantasy, though I’d always loved to read it. Building a fictional world, and especially experimenting with magic, was fascinating and challenging. I had so much fun with it that it sent me on a new track in my writing, so that most of what I do now has a magical twist in it somewhere.

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