From the Circle House

My second novel, which grew out of a trip to Spain and a visit to a village of Iron Age castros, Circle House is my first venture into historical/literary fantasy. It was a joy to write.


About From the Circle House:

If you could enter a person’s head and change his thoughts; if you could make his mind and body obey you; if you could even end his life at the instant you chose: what would you do? Would you use that power against him to save everything you loved most? What if using it would cost you your life?

Ribas Silvaikas, a low-ranking priest from a backwater village, faces exactly these questions when he receives a summons to meet with Kunin Galvo, the high priest of his country, Namora. When Ribas responds to the summons, in theory to receive compensation for long-ago injuries done to his village, he finds himself caught up in a high-stakes game of power and treachery in which Namora’s future hangs in the balance. Galvo sees Ribas as a useful playing piece, but Ribas has a power of his own: a rare and dangerous ability that lets him enter the minds of others and change them virtually any way he chooses. As he sees his country placed under the multiple threats of invasion from outside and corrosive greed and ambition at home, Ribas must decide whether to use his gift to try to protect what he loves – even if it means risking his life and confronting the past he has tried to bury. As he struggles with the choices and burdens of his gift, he doesn’t know that the Goddess he serves as a priest was once a real human woman with the same gift, deified when she sacrificed herself to ensure her people’s survival. He has never fully believed in the Goddess’s legend, but even if he knew the truth about her, he would find it no easier to choose to be a god.