Launch Partners Project

Launch Coming Soon! May 23, 2017

NEWS: To Love A Stranger is advocate group’s book of the month for May! Check out its listing here, and share widely!

More ways to help To Love A Stranger‘s launch:

  1. Check out my blog, subscribe using the black button on the right, and pass the link along on FB, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you like. You’ll also be sharing great music and spreading a little beauty around. It’s a win-win!
  2. Share the novel’s pre-order link on Amazon
  3. Share the info about the launch party, June 10, 2017
  4. Connect on Goodreads! Mark Stranger as “want to read,” add it to lists, add me as a friend, ask me an author question about the book.
  5. Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Share the trailer video, created by the brilliant Ed Benkowski:

Stay tuned for more ways to support To Love A Stranger!