Explore my course offerings for Fall 2022: Writing with Musical Inspiration and Introduction to Classical Music!

Writing with Musical Inspiration

In partnership with Tiferet Journal

Mondays on Zoom, 2-3:30 pm EST; Two sessions offered: see below for dates!

Music can prompt your emotions and memories while inspiring your creativity in new and different ways. As a springboard for your writing, this class introduces composers and their melodies with a valuable mix of writing craft talks. How could a sonata by J.S. Bach offer insight for your character’s dilemma? How will Maurice Ravel’s Bolero encourage more tension and stakes in your story?

In each class, musical listening samples are combined with writing prompts and short periods for writing with optional sharing and feedback. The craft lessons are interactive and engaging. Applicable for non-fiction, fiction, and poetry!

Session 1: Monday September 12 through Monday October 17 (six weeks), cost $150

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Session 2: Monday November 14 through Monday December 12 (five weeks), cost $125

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Introduction to Classical Music

Mondays on Zoom, 10-11:30 am EST

One session: October 3 through November 21

Are you curious about Bach? Always wanted to learn more about Beethoven? Do you love symphony concerts but always wonder why new-composed music sounds so “weird”? Join us for an eight-week survey of classical music, beginning with its roots in the Medieval era and continuing up into the 21st century.

We’ll explore music from all six major periods of Western history: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. Composers discussed will include Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and many more. We’ll see how the “language of music” changed over the centuries, what inspired composers to hold onto tradition, and what inspired them to forge new paths. We’ll also talk about how instruments evolved and how some that we take for granted, including the modern piano, came to be.

Classes meet on Zoom on Mondays beginning October 3 and continuing through November 21. Total cost for eight sessions: $120 per person.

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To sign up: submit payment of $120 directly to instructor Kris Faatz via PayPal or Venmo (@Kris-Faatz). Include “Intro to Classical Music” as a note.