Maker’s Day

Every Wednesday here on the site is Maker’s Day. I share a small prompt: a picture, some music, a quote, etc., and invite you to see what the prompt inspires for you. It might simply be contemplative time, or, if you’re feeling creative, it might inspire you to make some art.

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9/8/22: photo prompt

8/24/22: photo prompt

In the region Asturias, in northwestern Spain

8/17/22: music

“Asturias,” from Spanish Suite, by Isaac Albeniz

8/10/22: an evocative word

8/3/22: musical prompt

Prelude in D Minor, from The Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2, by J.S. Bach

7/27/22: single word for thought

7/20/22: single word for thought

7/13/22: Using magic/surrealism

Today’s prompt is explained in the video. 🙂 Short version: you’re invited to experiment with using magic, or something surreal that breaks the usual “rules” of the world, in the context of a real-world setting. Breaking rules can be a wonderful way to inspire creativity and story.

Today’s Maker’s Day prompt in more detail

Info on the 7/16 workshop mentioned in the video can be found at this link.

7/6/2022 prompt: “All in a Garden Green,” by William Byrd

Today’s prompt segues out of last week’s “color green.” This is a short piece of music, “All in a Garden Green,” by English Renaissance composer William Byrd (1540-1623). Apologies for my less-than-perfect recording; this piece is a recent study for me. 🙂

6/29/2022 prompt: the color green

I recently took a wonderful poetry workshop at Blue Mountain Poetry Salon, in which we were each asked to choose a color and think about ways we experience it, especially using each of the senses. Inspired by that, I’d invite you to think about the color green, where and how you experience it, and what that evokes for you.

Here are a couple of “green” pictures to get you started. 

Irish moss in bloom
Fragas do Eume, Galicia, Spain

What does the color inspire for you? 

6/15/2022 prompt: photographs by artist Sandra Perez

Balloon flower blossom


6/8/2022 prompt: single word for thought


[supporting visual courtesy of Pinterest: ancient Roman art]

6/1/2022 prompt: red iris in the backyard