A New Daily Challenge: One Bright Thing

#OBTChallenge Day 1

To bring in 2020, I’m repurposing the blog for a while. Let’s see how long I keep it going…

It’s already a tough year. A lot of us are probably struggling with more anxiety than usual because of the headlines, especially the news out of Australia and Iran. January is often a tough month to begin with: after the holidays, when life goes back to normal, but the days are very short and it’s often cold and dreary. All of this gets compounded if you already struggle with mental health challenges.

That’s exactly where I am. So I decided to give myself a new kind of challenge, in the spirit of lighting a candle rather than letting the darkness take over. My goal for myself is to post one thing on the blog, every day, that puts a bit of light out in the world and maybe makes someone smile. One bright thing.

My first one is some music, a recording I made of three of my favorite sonatas by Italian Baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti. (I have a feeling music will be a frequent go-to in this project.) I love these pieces for their clarity, peace, and joy. Other days, I might post a photo – hopefully not always a cat photo 😉 – or a short piece of writing, or even a sketch or watercolor.

I invite you to enjoy the music here and visit back tomorrow. I also invite you to post your own bright thing somewhere on social media today. If you post it on Twitter, you can tag me at @kfaatz925, and use the hashtag #OBTChallenge.

I’d love to see what you come up with. Let’s put some light into the world for the New Year.




4 thoughts on “A New Daily Challenge: One Bright Thing

  1. janice zucker

    Your playing is wonderful Kris!  Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us ❤    Still have laryngitis 😦  Singing is like breathing to me and I HATE when I can't do it!  Oh well–this too shall pass! Say hi to Paul for us and take care! Janice 

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  2. Yes! Love the Scarlatti ~ We have to divert from the ‘miserable’ and move our sights to art in all its forms. We can’t obsess over what is totally out of our control or it will do us in. This is a great project for 2020, Kris. My plan is to review every book I read this year. Wishing you a great new year with lots of beauty and warmth created by yourself!!!

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